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Analogue & Digital TV

Analogue reception is what we have all been used to prior to the introduction of digital TV. It enables us to watch the 5 standard programmes and no more.

However, did you know that all analogue television transmissions will cease within the next few years.

Don't get caught out. Upgrade to a digital TV system now!!

Digital TV provides hundreds of channels and interactive services in addition to digital radio. It is a more efficient and reliable way to deliver TV and radio than the analogue transmissions that have been used for the past 50 years. It also offers a much improved reception quality in terms of picture and sound.

Digital television services are provided to viewers by satellite and through terrestrial TV aerials, (DDT - digital terrestrial television).

Outdoor and indoor digital aerials
External and internal digital aerial placement

Freeview TV (Terrestrial Reception)

Freeview TV is digital television through a conventional roof-top aerial. This is probably the easiest way to get digital television, and is currently proving the most popular. For this technology, you simply buy a Freeview box (sometimes called Set Top Box, or Free to Air Box) and connect it to your television. There is no subscription fee, or any hidden charges at all. Once you have bought the box you can use it to receive digital TV, free of charge, for as long as you like.

Digital terrestrial transmission is designed to work, in the main, with existing roof-top aerials in good condition, but some households will need a new roof-top aerial. It depends on several factors, especially:

  • Where you live
  • Which frequencies are used at your local transmitter
  • The nature and condition of your current aerial installation

Contact us for more information or visit for the latest news and to find out exactly which channels are available on Freeview.

Sky Digital

Transmitted by the Sky Broadcasting Corporation and received using a sky minidish & digibox. You have to subscribe to this service through Sky broadcasting but it enables you to receive over 100 channels. You can also add TV-Link Hardware so that you can watch satellite channels on any TV in the house.

Visit for full package details. Through satellite reception you can also watch programmes specific to your native language.

Wall mounted satellite dish
Sky+ receiver and Sky Plus Boxes

Telephone connection

If you are to enjoy all of the benefits your digital satellite system offers, it is essential that your Digibox be connected to the telephone system. Many of the interactive services - automatic pay per view booking, email, home shopping, etc - are not available without the telephone link.

Again, it's worth spending a few minutes with the installer agreeing the route

Contact us for advice or a no-obligation estimate for your aerial requirements.

Accreditations & Installers

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