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Fire Risk Assessment with Murray Consulting

We recommend that you look at Murray Consulting for your fire risk assessment services. When enquiring with them please mention that you are a Graham Robertson Electrical & Security customer for the best rates.

From Murray Consulting website:

The Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 says that "each employer shall ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the safety of the employer's employees in respect of harm caused by fire in the workplace".

To that end employers need to carry out an assessment of the workplace for the purpose of identifying any risks to the safety of their employees in respect of harm caused by fire in the workplace.

There are many providers in the UK who offer that service, however, Murray Consulting provides a no nonsense, affordable, comprehensive and robust fire safety management service in line with Scottish legislation.

Our Director Don Murray has extensive fire industry experience, and an in-depth knowledge of fire safety procedures with a broad understanding of the measures needed to comply with your legal requirements.

By partnering with Murray Consulting you will be working with Don who has a successful track record of supporting emergency procedures, fire risk assessment, business continuity and fire investigation. His many strengths include diverse and extensive experience, excellent communication skills both verbal and written, and someone trusted to demonstrate high standards but a practical and pragmatic approach, strategic planning abilities and team working.

More importantly you'll be demonstrating due diligence in complying with Scottish Fire legislation and reducing the potential risk of prosecution.

You can read more about Murray Consulting by visiting

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