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Corporate Responsibility

Our corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes are designed to provide long-term benefits to our employees, customers, partners, and individuals in the local community. We focus on three main areas:

Our People

  • Our people shape our culture, our innovation and our success.
  • Flexibility and Trust - we are transforming today's workplace and workforce with a culture of flexibility and trust.
  • Open Employee Communications - we provide open and transparent communications with employees, fostering a timely, two-way flow of information.
  • Employee Development and Advancement - by enhancing our employees' skill sets, we are able to innovate more successfully.
  • Inclusion and Diversity - our commitment to inclusion makes us a better company and a stronger global competitor.
  • Balancing Life, Promoting Well-being - we offer several programs to promote individual well-being and help employees achieve life balance.

The environment

  • A climate-conscious business model - our use of networking can be used to achieve business processes that reduce a company's environmental impact.
  • Energy-Efficient Data Centres - using energy-efficient servers to promote cloud computing with a low carbon footprint.
  • Efficient Work Practices - discover new cost- and energy-saving ways to travel and work using collaboration technologies.
  • Smart Buildings and Work spaces - incorporate information infrastructure into building and workspace design to achieve efficiencies.

Social & Community Investment

  • Finding and building local talent - we look to the community for new hires; up-and-coming talent with a passion for engineering or a flair for design.
Accreditations & Installers

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