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Residents in blocks of flats, hotels, retirement homes etc. demand the same access to digital broadcasting that is available to individual homes.

Therefore, the existing systems in older establishments will require some remedial work, especially as the switch over from analogue to digital is expected between 2006 and 2010.

We, at Graham Robertson, can supply and install Master Antenna Television (M.A.T.V) and Satellite Master Antenna Television (S.M.A.T.V) systems, which will provide terrestrial & satellite television and radio reception for any multiple occupancy dwelling.


This is a system where a number of television points can be run from a single aerial and head amplifier. The aerial can feed up to 500+ TV points for terrestrial and digital television.


As above, with the added benefit of being able to carry one or several satellite channels at the same time.

Multiple occupancy wiring


This term refers to a communal aerial system designed to distribute all analogue and digital broadcast services, regardless of whether they are received via the terrestrial or satellite platforms.

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