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We recommend that you look at Atrium FM for your keyholding services.  When enquiring with them please mention that you are  a Graham Robertson Electrical & Security customer for the best rates.

From Atrium FM's website:
"Keyholding/Alarm Response
Keyholding/Alarm response services are in high demand from the security industry from a variety of clients. This service enables you to have financial economical benefits as it saves on staff overtime, it allows us to save your time as we deal with the inconvenience of security whilst you're not there. Atrium Security will be your official keyholder taking on the responsibility of ensuring that your building/premises is safe and secure. Activated alarms will be responded to by us within a guaranteed time period, keeping noise and risk to a minimum. Our guard will attend your property and investigate the situation. In the case of emergencies we assist in a quicker and safer response as we aid emergency services in gaining access to your property locating potential problem areas and exit routes quicker.
Compliant to BS7984:2008"

You can read more about Atrium FM on their website
Accreditations & Installers

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